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Nice to meet you. I am Olaf-Sebastian, Co-Founder of HK Digital, Best-selling Author on Internet Marketing and master of growing ecommerce stores.
I have helped grow leading ecommerce brands for dozens of clients. Helping them optimize their funnels, ads, and most importantly, their stores. I have compiled all of my experience and learnings into one giant checklist so that you, too, can get an online store that converts like the industry leaders.
Prominent Ecommerce Clients
What You Can Achieve With My Package
With this optimization package you can quickly analyze your entire store and figure out where you are losing money
200+ Critical Checks
Over 200 critical checks that cover the entire customer journey.
Visual Examples
Dedicated example graphics that will help illustrate the point and give you the information you need.
Detailed Explanations
A detailed 40+ page PDF file that provides additional in-depth context.
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